Guitar Notes
Online Guitar Tabz Archive
Guitar Tabulature Top 100: A great archive of sites!
Riff-Raff: RIFF-RAFF is a new tablature index, just like Yahoo, but we will only list tablature and instrument related pages
Jim's Classic TABs:Mostly Classic Rock TABs
Harmony Central®-Tabs: A Great Tab Archive, Not Updated Often, But Has The Most Songs Anywhere
Blake's Page: Cool Page With Tabs, Beavis and Butt-Head And A Cool Lyric Contest!
Chris' Awsome Guitar Tab Page: Huge Page, Amazing Amount of Tabs, This is a BIG Hit.
Dave's Awsome Guitar Page: More Than Just A Tab Page, Has Awsome Graphics and More..
Gitarre Spielen: ONE WORD: AMAZING!
High E: An Awsome Zine With Cool Graphics And great Tabs
Matchbox 20 Tabs and Chords: All The Matchbox20 Tabs You Could Dream Of With A 4 Out Of 5 Star Rating!
Tabtown: A Cool New Tab Page
Online Guitar College: An Awsome Guitar Tab Page With Everything You Could Imagine!
Tab Heaven: A Cool Page With Lots Of Different Tabs In Different Languages
Guitar Tabs Online: Currently down due to the NMPA and Warner Brothers. But its got some Links and other great stuff
Ozzy Osbourne Tabs And Info: AMAZING, a great site which is one of themost complete i've seen yet, check it out!
Rod's Guitar Page:Cool tab page in engilsh and french.
Fresh Tabs:Cool page, latest tabs.
WS64 Guitar Chords: Graphical display of guitar chord shapes, including 6ths, 9ths and other jazz chords. All chords are available as MIDI-files. Plus many useful links for guitarists.