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Welcome To Tab of The Day!

Hey all, Tab of The Day has not been updated in about a month or more as you can see. I dont have enough help or tabs to do so. PLEASE SEND TABS TO ME. MY EMAIL IS ON THE RIGHT, Thanks Very Much, this site will be up again!!!

Tab of the Day is a new archive and we will be adding new tabs every day. Please send us your tabs and links, id be happy to add em to the archive. Now, on to todays tab!

February 11th - Tonic - Sugar

Tuesday January 10th-AC/DC Back In Black

Thursday January 6th-Join Me HIM

Friday December 24th-Van Halen-Humans Being

Thursday December 23rd-Pearl Jam-Last Kiss

Wednesday December 22nd-Silverchair-Blind

Tuesday December 19th-Metallica-Enter Sandman

Sunday December 18th-Collective Soul-Heavy

Friday December 17th-Powerman5000-When Worlds Collide

Thursday December 16th-The Flys-Got You Where I Want You

Wednesday December 15th- Pantera-Walk

Tuesday December 14th- Alice In Chains-Dirt

Sunday December 12th- Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun

Saturday December 11th- Deftones-One Weak

Friday December 10th- Smashing Pumpkins-Tonight, Tonight

Thursday December 9th- Metallica-Through The Never

Wednesday December 8th- KoRn-Falling Away From Me

Tuesday December 7th- Black Sabbath-N.I.B

Mondy December 6th- Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Scar Tissue (With Solo)

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New Links

Guitar Tabulature Online-Tabs for hard to find bands like Machine Head, Godsmack, Deftones, Staind, Sevendust, Incubus, as well as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rage, and more!

Guitar Tricks-A cool site that has tab music, and tricks for you to play on your guitar, currently more than 600 tricks! - Canada's largest music source

Bass Pages- A great bass page, with new fresh tabs!




















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